5 Easy Ways to Organize a Linen Closet

There are a number of ways to organize your linen closet. One easy way is to use baskets. You can use them to store items that don’t fit in a closet anymore. Other methods include storing items by size or color.

Organizing by type

In order to make your linen closet organized, you’ll want to categorize your items by type. You can divide your linens by bedding type, bath linens, beach linens, holiday linens, tableware, and more. You can also divide them by room, season, or size. Once you’ve organized these items, you can start storing them in zones.

Organizing your linen closet by type will help you keep it looking tidy and appealing to guests. You’ll want to place items you use frequently on the front or middle shelves, so they are easier to find. If you’ve got extra space, you can donate or sell things you no longer use. Organizing a linen closet by type also gives you extra space to sort through the rest of your closet.

Baskets and bins are another great way to organize your linen closet. You can use them for towel storage, and some even double as decorative pillows. You can also store cleaning supplies in wire bins and plastic caddies. You can label them for easy identification. A label maker will also help you maintain your organization.

A linen closet is usually located in the central part of the house, such as the bathroom. They can also be built into pantries and laundry rooms. Many linen closets are narrow with traditional doors or bifold doors. They can become cluttered and unusable if not properly organized. Luckily, there are several methods for organizing linen closets so they’re easily accessible and easy to use.

Adding style

If you’re tired of your linen closet’s outdated look, try adding some style to it. Wallpaper or paint can add a pop of color and make the closet stand out. Changing the shelves can give the entire room a new look as well. You can also use different kinds of baskets and paint the closet door to create a more stylish look.

Wire baskets are a stylish option for storing linens. They’re inexpensive and widely available, and can help you keep your towels and sheets organized. Towel racks also offer extra storage space and can be hidden inside a closet door. You can even mount a dry erase board or small notepad inside the closet door.

Another good way to organize your linen closet is by utilizing the space underneath. You can install shelves in the door, which will increase the amount of space and provide extra storage. You can also add a lazy susan for easier access. These simple ideas will make your linen closet look clean and organized while maximizing the space underneath.

One of the first steps in organizing a linen closet is to sort through the items. Sort out the items and organize them according to their type. Ideally, bedding should be on the left side of the closet and toiletries on the right. You can also color coordinate your items to make it easier to find what you need.


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