Essential Organizing Tips For Small Homes

Organization is the key to making the most of a small space, and it’s no different for small homes. Interior designers rely on the essential organizing tips for small homes. These ideas include stacking, pegboards, and vertical storage. These strategies will help you maximize the space you have and keep your stuff in order.


Keeping up with clutter can be a constant struggle, especially if you have a small home. One way to stay organized in a small space is to maximize vertical space. Stacking bins and drawers can be very useful for keeping things organized and visible. You can even purchase see-through stacking containers for added visibility and convenience.

Installing rods under shelves can also maximize vertical space. You can hang clothes under shelves instead of letting them clog up the floor. You can also add storage boxes to store small items. Another solution is to purchase fabric cubes with compartments. These storage solutions will increase your storage space without taking up valuable floor space.

You can also install vertical closets that extend to the ceiling. They’re a clever way to maximize vertical space in your bedroom. You can also utilize your crown molding to create a wall rack for your high heels. You can even place electrical sockets in your tall cabinets, allowing cordless appliances to charge.

Vertical organizational structures can be a better option for large organizations. They allow more room for creativity, and can scale up as the company grows. These structures are great for companies with a wide variety of clients.


Stackable organizers are a great way to keep small items organized and accessible. These storage boxes come in different sizes and are made from durable plastic that won’t break or scratch easily. The lids of these storage boxes open on the front, so you can easily access anything inside. They are not dishwasher safe, so you’ll want to hand-wash them to avoid any potential damage.

Stackable organizers are also a great way to maximize the space in your kitchen. These handy storage solutions are great for cabinets, counter-tops, and pantry spaces. They are easy to use and sturdy, so they can hold a lot of things. You can choose from a variety of different designs, depending on the size of your kitchen.

In addition to drawers and racks, you can also install pullout racks in your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. You can even find cargo nets that fit inside the cabinet doors. These multi-purpose storage units are perfect for small homes. You can use them to store everything from shoes to toys.

You can also use a stackable bin in your kitchen to store bulk foods. These containers can be used to hold boxes, bags, and pouches of food.

Using corners

Corners are the perfect space to add more storage, and they can also be a great place to display unique pieces of furniture. For example, a vintage-style chest with drawers can fit perfectly into a small corner. Or you can use a couch to fill an empty corner and create an open layout. Adding a matching accent table to a corner also creates symmetry in a room, and it can be decorated with seasonal flowers or favorite books.

Another way to utilize a corner is by adding a wall of shelves. A gallery wall can transform a corner and give it a useful purpose. For example, K Shan Designs uses an unused corner to place a dining set. It also uses a quirky collection of prints to add an eclectic flair to the room.

Another way to use an empty room corner is to turn it into a bookcase. You can create a floor-to-ceiling bookcase or opt for a compact version. Paint the bookshelves the same color as the walls. A DIY project such as this can be done by using a salvaged door, a circular saw, and metal brackets. You can then use the bookcase to display heirlooms in the living room or to house toys in a kid’s bedroom. Make sure to use the brackets to anchor the bookshelves, however, to ensure that they don’t tip over.

Using pegboards

Using pegboards in your home can provide a number of benefits. Not only do they store items neatly, but they can also be used as a way to hang artwork and mugs. Pegboards can also be painted to match the decor of your home.

When using pegboards in your home, be sure to leave enough space between the pegboard and the wall. Also, choose hangers that are sturdy and can hold enough weight. This way, you won’t have to worry about your items falling off. Another benefit is that you won’t be taking up floor space, which is always a benefit.

Another great feature of a pegboard is its flexibility. For example, you can create a pegboard-based yarn wall to store your yarn. The pegboard can help you keep track of your yarn purchases and will help you remember which colors are where.

A pegboard can also be useful for organizing your wardrobe. Hanging accessories on a pegboard prevents them from getting tangled up. A pegboard also helps you keep your necklaces and earrings together. The same idea goes for storing your handbags.

Pegboards can be used to hang various tools and utensils. They make a good storage option and can help you organize your tools more effectively. When hanging tools, make sure to use a pegboard with small gaps between each tool. This will allow for easier additions of more tools. Another great benefit of pegboards is that they can help you save valuable floor space.

Using shelves

If you’re trying to keep your small home organized, organizing shelves is an excellent idea. You can create categories on each shelf, such as books or jewelry. Another shelf could be devoted to dog treats and toys. Walls and closets can also be great storage options. Adding pegboards or hooks to these walls or closets can make these spaces more efficient and useful. Also, don’t forget about the corners of your room. Using small shelves in the corners of your room can help keep everything organized.

Another great tip to maximize space is to use unused suitcases for storage. These are great for storing seasonal clothes since they take up less space. You can also build display shelves over doors to showcase your knick-knacks. In addition to providing extra storage space, display shelves also double as valances for your window treatments.

Using cabinets

Using cabinets to store items can make your home look more spacious and open. You can place items you frequently use on the front shelves, while items you only use occasionally should be put in the back. One easy way to organize your cabinet is by using non-clear containers for small items.

If you have limited cabinet space in your kitchen, consider using a standalone storage cart. This way, you’ll have space to organize bulk staples. Store spices and canned goods in a separate location. You can also use a turntable organizer to make sure you can find what you need easily. For items that can’t be stored in cabinets, consider storing them in a hall closet or basement.

For cutting boards, use a wire plate rack, which can be hung inside a cabinet door. They save counter space and will keep cutting boards upright. Another great way to use cabinet space is to add a shelf riser for bowls and plates. It can also double as a spray bottle holder.

Kitchen cabinets are often limited to a single shelf or drawer, so maximizing the space can be challenging. However, you can use a shelf organizer for $10 at The Container Store. Organizing kitchen items means maximizing every square inch of space and using storage as efficiently as possible.


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