How to Implement a Messenger Bot in Your Store

Messenger bots are a great way to connect with your customers. It gives you a direct line to them, and you can create a bond that they aren’t likely to forget. They also have the potential to earn you money through advertising revenue. Let’s look at how you can implement one in your store.


In the spirit of the season, LEGO rolled out their own version of the ol’ reliable yellow brick road. But instead of the traditional brick and mortar store, they launched a chatbot on the Facebook messenger app. The bot is a fun and engaging way for LEGO fans to shop for their beloved LEGO bricks. A whopping 40 different LEGO products are on offer. As the ad says, it’s best to be in the know if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

Despite the hype, this chatbot has proven to be a winner for the company, with two times the average order value. Indeed, the company has achieved six-figure returns on their most successful campaigns, all thanks to the bot.


The Sephora Messenger Bot is a great example of an AI Chatbot. This bot is designed to help you book a makeover, learn about cosmetics, get a review on a new product, and even contact customer support. Designed with augmented reality and natural language processing, this bot aims to provide the best user experience.

One of the newest features is the interactive try-on feature. By clicking on a picture of a person’s face, you can virtually try on a selection of makeup products. For instance, you can select a lipstick to complement your complexion.

You can also get personalized recommendations. The bot recommends specific products, based on your facial color and other information you give it. In addition, it can send you a list of nearby stores that carry the product.


Kayak Messenger bot is a new kind of travel planning tool. This chatbot offers personalized recommendations for flights, hotels, and activities. It uses the user’s history of search and chat conversations, which allows it to offer personalized suggestions.

The bot offers flight and hotel recommendations based on a variety of criteria, including price and availability. It also provides up-to-date information about popular attractions and activities at the destination. Unlike other chatbots, the Kayak bot does not require the user to provide a search term or keyword.

The Kayak Messenger chatbot is the latest in a number of online travel companies that have launched bots for Facebook Messenger. Other bots include Skyscanner and Cheapflights.


Decathlon is a global provider of sporting goods. It has over 1,600 brick-and-mortar stores across the globe and a growing eCommerce business. With the growth of online orders and a booming customer base, the sports retailer needed an effective way to manage its inquiries and track its shipments.

The company looked for a solution that could automate repetitive tasks and improve the customer experience. A partnership with Heyday enabled the creation of an interactive, AI-powered chatbot. This bot helped the Decathlon UK team tackle an unprecedented volume of online queries.

Aside from being functional, the chatbot was also designed to fit into the company’s overall tone. As a result, customers reported positive experiences. In addition, the bot assisted with a number of useful functions, including tracking shipments and transferring requests to live agents. And, as more customers found answers through the bot, support costs began to decline.

Create an immediate connection with the customer

One of the easiest and most effective ways to connect with customers is through messaging. There are various platforms to choose from including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Kik. Using a bot to handle simple customer service questions can save time and improve efficiency. The latest chatbot technologies are also capable of handling complex issues. They are an excellent way to increase brand awareness while improving customer satisfaction. For example, one company using a chatbot to take orders and answer customer questions has increased sales by nearly 60 percent.

For a business looking to implement a new communications strategy, Facebook Messenger is an ideal place to start. With over 2 billion users, it can be a good place to find new customers, or at least the ones that are interested in your product. In addition, Messenger has an extensive suite of features including ecommerce and customer engagement tools. Its chatbots can handle simple inquiries, collect customer information, and even transfer messages between users.

Make money from advertising revenue

Messenger Bots are software applications that perform tasks based on commands received through text messages or voice commands. Messenger Bots are able to perform a variety of tasks such as responding to questions and carrying out surveys.

These bots can be used by businesses, financial firms and organizations to collect information from web users. They can also be used by individuals to earn extra money online.

One way that bots can be monetized is through advertising revenue. Advertisers can either pay for PPC ads or affiliate ads. The bot can also earn commissions for generated leads.

A number of companies have partnered with Facebook to launch their own Messenger Bots. Some examples of such companies include: PayPal and American Express.


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