Marie Kondo Decluttering Tips

Marie Kondo has created a checklist to help you organize your home, and you can start with clothing, books, and papers. Next, move onto kids’ rooms and general items, followed by cleaning and organizing the kitchen, bathroom, and garage. It can be difficult to get rid of sentimental items, but setting aside a specific amount of time to declutter each room is crucial. The next step is to prioritize the spaces in your home and think about the positive feelings that you will experience when you’re finished.

Decluttering a single item

There are two main components of Marie Kondo’s method for decluttering: removing clutter and appreciating what you own. If you’re overwhelmed by your possessions and wish to find more joy in your life, you may want to try decluttering a single item. This method encourages us to say goodbye to things that are no longer useful or spark joy, and to replace them with new ones.

Decluttering one item at a time can be difficult, but experts recommend spending just five minutes per item. Another good strategy is to create a “maybe” pile, which gives you time to think about whether you really need an item. Because decluttering can be tricky, it’s helpful to consider the sunk costs of an item before determining whether or not it’s worth keeping.

Unlike other decluttering methods, the KonMari Method has no set criteria for what you should keep and what you should discard. Marie Kondo encourages you to look at your needs rather than your possessions and discard only what you truly need.


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