The Best Closet Solutions For Your Home

Whether you’re looking to create a custom closet or save space with a freestanding system, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some ideas: Bins, storage baskets, and shelf dividers. You can also use accessories to organize your closet, such as jewelry organizers. Another great option is to move bedroom furniture into the closet, such as a bench or jewelry cabinet. This will not only make the closet more functional but also conserve bedroom space.

Custom closets

If you’re looking for a closet solution that will fit the unique needs of your home, consider getting a custom closet. These units can be configured for a variety of uses, from a basic reach-in closet to a large walk-in closet. They can be designed to include multiple storage units, drawers, and clothing rods.

If you’re unsure about the type of custom closet you need, consult a closet designer. These professionals will measure your closet space and design a custom solution that will fit your needs. They can also plan around existing infrastructure, such as HVAC vents, access panels, and light switches.

Elfa, a popular brand of modular closet systems, can help you decide on the perfect closet system for your home. They offer different styles and finishes, and will help you customize your closet to suit your tastes and style. They offer in-home consultations, as well as virtual consultations.

There are also ready-made closet kits available. These kits have a combination of rods and shelves, and may include additional features. You can choose a kit that fits your needs and budget. Then, you can choose the accessories that match your lifestyle. To choose the best closet kit, decide which categories of your closets will be the most useful to you.

Custom closets are the best closet solutions for the unique needs of your home. However, they may not be in your budget. Thankfully, there are other options that are less expensive and will still make your closets more functional and attractive.

Shoe storage

Shoe storage is one of the most overlooked aspects of closet organization. Often, it is the last thing on your mind, but it is extremely important. Adding the right shoe storage system will not only keep your home clutter-free, but also save you time. By adding the right shoe storage, you can use the closet space in the best way possible. Below are a few ideas for shoe storage.

First, you should consider the frequency of use. If you wear shoes frequently, you should choose storage that allows easy access. A good option is to install over-the-door shoe bags. Besides keeping your shoes out of sight, these bags will free up floor space, making it easier to find the ones you need when you need them.

Another way to make your closet space more functional is to get a compartment-style shoe organizer. This organizer will help you organize your footwear before you come home. Alternatively, you can install a cubby-style shoe organizer at the back door. This will help prevent you from stepping on a messy shoe in the middle of the room. You can also purchase a shoe tray to keep dirty shoes from falling on the floor.

If you have a two-story home, shoe storage does not have to be difficult. If you have a closet that’s a half-wall width or less, you can place a shoe rack on each step. If you don’t have enough room for a shoe rack in the center of your closet, you can also place a shelf on top of the closet. This will free up more space for your shoe rack.

Another great closet solution is to purchase clear plastic shoe boxes. These are a great way to organize your shoes, but they can also help organize other fashion accessories as well.


There are many options when it comes to storage bins for your home. You can store things out of sight in these containers or display them to make them visible. They come in different sizes, ranging from shallow to large, and can be nestled or stacked for added convenience. Some storage bins also have lids, which is a great convenience in high-traffic areas.

There are several types of storage bins available, including round, rectangular, and square ones. Rectangular containers are easier to stack and line up. They also save space. Some bins are clear to make them easier to find. Other types are stackable and have drop-fronts.

Bins are great for housing clothes and other items. They can be used to store everything from seasonal clothing to toiletries. In addition to closets, you can also use them in the kitchen or bathroom. Brightly colored storage bins can be used to store sponges, dishwashing liquid, and even shoes. In the bathroom, they can be used for toiletries and towels.


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