ClosetMaid Custom Closet Organiser

A ClosetMaid Custom Closet Organizer is an excellent choice for closet organization. It features shelving and hanging space for clothes and shoes. This white closet organizer comes with 3 closet rods, a durable laminate construction, and 6 shelves. It is perfect for organizing clothing, shoes, and toys.


Whether you need to make more space in your home or organize your closet, a ClosetMaid Custom Closet Organization System can help. ClosetMaid products are crafted from durable engineered wood, finished with melamine for lasting beauty, and feature solid wood drawers and shelves. ClosetMaid custom closet systems offer almost-limitless configurations of shelving to meet the functional needs of any room. They also offer stylish designs and convenient accessories to make your closet a showplace.


Whether you are looking for a custom closet organiser to fit into a small bedroom or are looking to maximize closet space, ClosetMaid has a solution for you. Its tower-based laminate systems are both stylish and convenient and will make any closet a better place to be. ClosetMaid offers a 1-year warranty on its systems and will repair or replace any defective parts. However, the warranty does not apply to third-party components and any combination of products will void it.


The ClosetMaid Custom Closet Organiser system has a variety of features and is customizable to fit your closet’s size. It has shelves, hanging space, and three adjustable rods to accommodate a variety of clothes and accessories. It also comes with a one-year warranty and comes with replacement parts if you’re not satisfied with any part. Just be sure to keep a copy of your purchase receipt to prove your purchase.

The ClosetMaid White Wire Kit is also available but is not telescope-able. ClosetMaid’s shelving units are four feet long. While both companies are similar in price and size, the ClosetMaid system has the advantage of customization. If you need more hanging space, you can choose a longer version. You can also purchase a smaller kit for smaller closets. The ClosetMaid Fixed Mount Closet Organiser Kit is ideal for bedroom closets, linen closets, and laundry rooms.


Buying a ClosetMaid Custom Closet Organiser may seem like a good idea if you are looking for a custom closet system that meets your exact needs. ClosetMaid is an experienced name in the industry for ready-made closet organizers and offers four different collections, ranging from basic to premium. You can choose from wire shelving closet systems that start at just $80, or go with a laminate closet organizer that costs up to $3,000.

ClosetMaid’s custom closet organizer price depends on the materials used and whether you are getting a prefabricated or custom closet organizer. Prefabricated units are typically between $300 and $800, while custom units can cost up to $7,500. It’s important to compare the cost of each option before you decide on a model. ClosetMaid organizers are often made of laminate, which offers the highest durability and cost effectiveness. Custom closet organizers can be made of other materials, such as wood or metal.


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