How to Write a TurnT Up News Intro

News writers are taught about the “five Ws”: who, what, when, where and why. The best way to hold the reader’s interest is with a compelling introduction that answers some of those questions.

Keke Palmer’s new Facebook Watch series Turnt Up with the Taylors is a satirical take on reality TV about a family with its own show. Palmer plays all five roles, from Barbie the narcissistic daughter to Lil Thad the smooth-talking son.

How to Write a Good Introductory Paragraph

A good intro paragraph draws the reader in and entices them to keep reading. It should include a clear topic sentence that states your most important claim, and it should also use relationship words to connect the main ideas of each paragraph. Then, you should explain your reasoning with support sentences. For example, in the first paragraph, you might state that free college will boost the economy. In the second paragraph, you might discuss another way that free college will boost the economy.


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