Turnt Up Breaking News Mobile Android App Is The Best Gossip News App

Turnt Up Breaking News Mobile Android App Is The Best Gossip News App

A lot of people have a guilty pleasure in reading celebrity gossip and rumors. It’s fun, slightly wicked and feeds your sense of schadenfreude. But when you get to join in on the attack, as a member of a community forum, it takes things to a whole new level.

The TMZ app is a great example of this. It’s known for being the first to scoop breaking celeb news, and its aggressive reporting has earned it a reputation as the place to find out about the latest drama in the lives of your favorite stars. It has even scooped major events like Michael Jackson’s death and Mel Gibson’s drunk-driving incident.

But that doesn’t mean that TMZ doesn’t take its work seriously. It’s committed to separating fact from fiction and is careful to mark any article that has been reported as a gossip as such. In fact, the site has a dedicated team of writers specifically focused on ensuring that all of its content is factual.

Another good choice for keeping up with the latest showbiz gossip is WhoSay. This app is more a community than a newspaper, but it covers the same topics as a regular news site and has celebrity input from users. While some of the articles are a little light on facts, the fact that it feels less like a serious news site and more like a biting comedy skit makes it worth trying out.

Similarly, the Perez Hilton app is a great source of reliable gossip. It collects all the gossip and rumors from various magazines, blogs and other sources and brings them together in one handy location. It also filters out clickbait articles and tries to bring you only the stories that are trustworthy. You can even filter out the articles by writer so that you only see the ones that you’re interested in reading.

If you’re more interested in movie star gossip, try out the IMDb app. It covers all the important awards, including The Oscars, and lets you follow your favorite movie stars. You can also filter your feed to only see news about specific movies and the celebrities involved in them.

If you want a more traditional magazine-like experience, check out TIME Magazine. This app is the mobile version of a well-known self-titled magazine that covers all the breaking celeb news and has a huge gallery with high-quality pics from paparazzi, events and even from the celeb’s personal archives. The app has a great looking search engine and you can choose to get push notifications for certain celeb names or topic-related words. The only downside is that it has ads but the truthful content is totally worth it.


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