Service Van Organization Ideas For Emergency Services Businesses

There are many different ways to organize a service van for an emergency services business. One option is to install vinyl car wraps. These will protect your vehicle from scratches and dents. If you’re not sure how to organize your van, you can find many examples on Pinterest.

Organize a service van

When it comes to organizing a service van for emergency services businesses, the key is to have all of the heaviest items on the floor, while lightest items should be on the roof. Also, a partition between the roof and the floor will protect the driver during sudden stops.

You should also provide space for employees to organize their tools. This way, they will be less likely to resist uniformity. By providing employees with a place to keep their own tools, they will be less likely to resist the need for uniformity in the van. Keeping all your equipment and tools in an organized manner will help your emergency services business to run smoothly.

Vinyl car wrap

Emergency services vans need organization, and this means making the space in your van as functional as possible. First, start with vertical stacking. The smallest items should be stored on the top, while larger parts should be stored on the bottom. Next, you can use a pegboard to hang power tools and other medium-sized items. Stackable bins are also great for storing small repair parts. If you have enough space, you can even hang lightweight items from a pole. You need to make sure to leave enough head room, though.


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